Monday June 28, 2010

Moon Under Water

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A while back, the 3 of us headed to Moon Under Water for an early dinner on a hot summer day. This was my first time here – family and friends said it was good pub food, so I was looking forward to a great meal. We ordered drinks – Don a beer and I had a white sangria. OK, big mistake ordering sangria from an English pub. I wasn’t in the mood for a beer, but I should have known better – YETCH!

For appetizers, we started off with Curry and Fries and Chana Masala. The fries were good but the curry tasted like Prego with curry powder. It wasn’t too bad though – my 1 year old liked it on the fries and pita. But then again, she’ll eat pretty much anything dipped on a fry. The Chana Masala (chick pea dip) was decent – my husband cleaned the plate.

I was planning on ordering a salad, but over heard someone ordering a gyro. That sounded perfect – and it was pretty good too! We ordered Em some fried clam strips (she loves them) and Don got the… you know what, I have no idea what he got. Crap. I think it was a special or something Jerk – and I know he got it with black beans and rice. But he didn’t even have the time or the room to eat it. After chowing down on the chick peas, fries, curry, and Em’s clam strips, he was stuffed! (Left overs made it’s way home as a late night snack.) Also since service was slack, Em was at the end of her rope so we had to wrap it up quick and head on out before clam strips were strewn across the room.

Afterward, we took a walk down by the water where Em toddled back and forth waving hi to every body and making friends. She’s such a cutie!

Moon Under Water
332 Beach Dr NE
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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