Wednesday March 2, 2011

Cappy’s Pizzeria

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Friday night is pizza night in our household… hey we gotta keep up with our annual cheese quota. On this particular night, we decided to go back to Ciccio’s on 4th; they have a really nice thin crust margarita pizza. As we sit down outside, our waiter tells us that the pizza oven is broke – no pizza. ARGHH!!! He does recommend Cappy’s. Thinking this guy’s gotta know his pizzas, we decided to give it a whirl.

We find the restaurant off 1st Ave N & 29th St. – an old bungalow house converted into a pizzeria serving up New York and Chicago style pizzas! By the time we get there, its about 7:30… on a Friday night… and it’s packed. There was no way we could wait with a starving kid! We ended up going to Tijuana Flats that night, but vowed to return to Cappy’s next Friday.

The following Friday, I bolted out of work, loaded up Em from day care and headed home to pick up Don. We made it to Cappy’s by 6PM. There were still booths available, “sit anywhere you like” the waitress said – perfect timing! We took a booth up front and ordered up a small Greek salad and The Cappy, Chicago style.  We all shared the salad – Em devouring all of the black olives and potato salad. While waiting for our deep dish to arrive, Don and I quizzed each other with Trivial Pursuit cards.  Just about when Em had enough and started to loose it – The Cappy finally arrived. SO. GOOD. Perfectly cooked, excellent sauce and tasty meats. An excellent treat, homey atmosphere, micro-brews in the fridge, great tunes playing, what’s not to love??

Cappy’s Pizzeria
2900 1st Ave, North
St Petersburg, FL 33713

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