Thursday March 10, 2011

El Cap

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We had a craving for burgers the other night, so we headed on down to El Cap. I love all of these Mom & Pop restaurants in St. Pete – there are sooo many and they make for a unique experience. Don, Em and I arrived around dusk and headed on in. The weather right now is perfect, so sitting outside was a must! I ordered a Strongbow and the ol man got a PBR. Where else can you get a PBR in a can?!? I got the World Champ burger with cheese, all the way… and a plain one for Em with a side of fries for all of us to split. Don ordered the Daily Double – 2 burgers in 1.

Their burgers are great – juicy and loaded with lettuce, slice of tomato, pickle strips, and mayo – I love mayo on a burger. Jimmy Jones and I would totally not get along.

Disregard the Spanish subtitles (unless you speak Spanish – in that case – Buenos Dias!), but this is a great compilation of the “No mayo on a burger” scenes from The Whole Nine Yards.

After getting our order, it was then that Don remembered to not order the Daily Double. It’s just too darn big! He was a real trooper though and plowed right on through eating every last bit after taking the belt down a notch. Em ate all of the cheese (typical) and most of the meat from her burger and we all wolf downed the fries. I was tempted to get another order, but decided not to push it.

The El Cap is a great local establishment, we always feel welcome there and love that the chef always comes out to say hello to all the patrons. Sure the service may be spotty and the fries are “meh” but the burgers a good and the beer dirt cheap!

El Cap Restaurant
3500 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

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